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Types of criminal exploitation

Going missing

If a child or young person goes missing from home, care or school it can be a worrying time for everyone involved. Missing children may also be vulnerable to other forms of exploitation, to violent crime, gang exploitation, or to drug and alcohol misuse.

Missing people

Missing people (opens in a new window) is a charity who can help search for missing people on behalf of the friends and family left behind and provide specialised support to ease their heartache and confusion. Their free, confidential helpline is available 24 hours a day by phone, text and email to support missing children and adults, and their loved ones.

Contact Missing People line telephone:116 000 open 24hours and day 7 days a week.

Missing people advice line telephone: 10208 3925710 free and confidential advice available from 10.00am to 6.00pm

Services that can support you and your family

Website: Streetlink connecting rough sleepers to local services (opens in a new window)

Website: Runaway help line (opens in a new window)

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Worcestershire County Council: Children missing education

Worcestershire County Council: Exclusion from school