Seven Days, Seven Challenges


Be mindful of your consumption, your relationship with your things and your relationship with the earth.

  • Refuse - don't  consume what you don't need
  • Reduce - consumption of energy and materials
  • Reuse - share with others
  • Repair - fix you objects rather than buying a new one
  • Repurpose - can it be made into something else?
  • Recycle - close the loop

Using the Hierarchy of Reuse above take a different challenge every day and see how you get on with starting your journey towards a zero waste lifestyle.

Take part in the challenge

If you are looking to reduce the amount of waste you generate and the impact that it has on the environment, why not try our Seven Days, Seven Challenges and try something new every day for a week.

Challenge 1: Refuse single use coffee cups

Challenge 2: Reduce the amount of waste in your bathroom

Challenge 3: Reuse shop second hand

Challenge 4: If it’s broken, repair it!

Challenge 5: Reduce your food waste

Challenge 6: Repurpose it

Challenge 7: Recycle it