Textile recycling banks at the Household Recycling Centres

Alernatives to using textile recycling banks

Please be aware that the textile recycling banks at the Household Recycling Centres are having limited collections.  Please check that the Household Recycling Centre you wish to visit is collecting textiles.

The reason for the limited collections is that the textile market is very volatile at the moment and the end markets for the clothing, including Ghana, Pakistan and Kenya, are not taking shipments at the moment due to issues related to the Covid-19 outbreak.

If you have clothing or household textiles that you need to recycle, please consider the following options first:


Sell via online auction sites or give away via online reuse sites or Facebook groups.


Can it be repaired?  Is that the only reason it is being recycled?  There are many tutorials online which show you how to make basic repairs.  Visit Love your Clothes (opens in new window) or You Tube (opens in new window) to be guided through the process.


Make a bag from your shirt, a wash bag for NHS staff from a pillowcase or a case for your iPad from your old denim jacket.  There are loads of ideas on Pinterest (opens in new window) and other online sites such as Love Your Clothes (opens in new window).


  • donate to charity shops (check they are open and taking donations)
  • use on-street textile banks.  Use a recognised charity like Oxfam or the Salvation Army, but check first that the bins are being emptied (some banks have tape over the hoppers, which means they are not being serviced)
    Do not leave bags of clothes outside charity shops or by textile banks as they may get wet and will not be recycled
  • if you live within Wychavon District you can recycle textiles, batteries and small electrical items via your kerbside service.  Please put them on top of your black bin in a plastic bag