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Digital Connectivity


Fundamental to achieving the vision set out in the Worcestershire County Council’s 2021 – 2023 Digital Strategy and underpinning the Key Priorities of the Council, in particular Open for Business, is the need to have fixed and mobile infrastructure that holds digital connectivity in place across the County.

A digitally connected Worcestershire will streamline the delivery of services, so they are provided in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. It will also ensure the County remains an attractive and productive place to live, work and invest.

How we are doing

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of premises have access to Superfast speeds

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of premises have access to Fibre to the Premises

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of premises with access to Gigabit capable infrastructure

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value of Rural Gigabit Connectivity vouchers secured

Find out more

These webpages below provide information on the programmes and projects that focus on the deployment of digital infrastructure, how residents and businesses are supported to access the improved infrastructure and research into leading edge technologies for the benefit of everyone.

Digital connectivity