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Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 19 June 2019. It was last reviewed on 22 October 2022.

This website was last tested during October 2022. The test was carried out by using our own testing methods and using third party input.

Manual testing

We used this approach to decide on a sample of pages to test. We chose a selection of home pages, document pages, custom pages and a typical form to offer a cross-section of page types within the website.

Tester reports of a selection of pages

Testing of issues fixed from provider JADU

Automated testing

Worcestershire County Council do the following regular testing

  • Subscribe and pay for the Silktide tool for checking and monitoring the whole website's accessibility status regularly to identify any ongoing issues
  • Worcestershire County Council's digital team uses the free WAVE and SiteImprove browser evaluation tools for checking individual web pages as they are built
  • A sample of our website content is regularly being used to update and calculate the Worcestershire County Council website on the Silktide index