The Shambles Worcester Background

Worcestershire County Council is working in partnership with Worcester City Council to deliver a major city centre improvement scheme in the Shambles and Church Street in Worcester.

These two routes are important places as they lie in the heart of Worcester City and within the Worcester Historic City Conservation Area.

They offer key shopping and leisure facilities but have become tired and outdated in recent years.

The scheme will deliver a high quality public space using sustainable, maintainable and appropriate surfacing materials and carefully selected street furniture.

The scheme to improve the Shambles and Church Street aims to deliver an area that is: 


The scheme will enhance and complement the setting of the Historic City Centre Conservation Area and any listed buildings close by (e.g. St Swithin’s Church). This should improve footfall, time spent in the street and encourage non-vehicular transport; 


The Scheme has been designed to provide a multifunctional space, which accommodates the needs and safety of all existing and potential users, including those with specific needs such as the disabled; 


The Scheme will be designed with appropriate materials, proven to be durable, affordable to maintain and practical for their intended use. 

The main aims of the proposed works are to: 

  • widen footways and consolidate loading areas to enhance the public space
  • remove obstructions so that people can move about more easily at all times of day
  • improvements to how the street looks
  • improve safety for non-vehicular transport by offering better separation during delivery times, for example bollards to protect pedestrians from delivery vehicle routes and loading bay areas
  • by using different coloured paving, differentiate areas for the sole use of non-vehicular traffic
  • update the paving and other materials to fit in with recent works completed in the city