Emerging Minerals Local Plan: Previous consultation stages

Fourth stage consultation

The fourth stage consultation on the Minerals Local Plan ran from 17 December 2018 to 8 February 2019. Late responses were accepted up to 15 February 2019. We have now published a document setting our response to each of the comments received on this consultation.

Download the response document

The consultation included an open day at The Hive Worcester on Monday 21 January 2019, which was intended for residents, Parish Councils and other interested parties to drop in and ask us any questions about the consultation.

The Fourth Stage Consultation Document set out the proposed vision and objectives for mineral development in Worcestershire and included the proposed strategic policies and development management policies which will be used to make decisions on planning applications once the plan is adopted.

Download the Fourth Stage Consultation Document

Download the Addendum to the Fourth Stage Consultation

Please note: An Addendum to the Fourth Stage Consultation contains information about the implications of a technical error. The Addendum should be read alongside the Fourth Stage Consultation Document.

The Fourth Stage Consultation document was a full draft of the proposed wording of the plan. It proposed:

  • a preference for mineral development within site allocations, including "areas of search"; these areas of search are defined in the Minerals Local Plan, based on known mineral resources which have passed viability, environmental and amenity tests
  • five large "strategic corridors" which contain the areas of search; locally appropriate priorities are set for each of the strategic corridors to help coordinate how mineral working and restoration will maximise benefits to the environment, the economy and communities
  • policies to enable a sufficient supply of minerals
  • policies to guide the assessment of minerals planning applications, covering issues including health, well-being and the natural, built, historic and water environments
  • policies to safeguard important mineral resources, mineral sites and supporting infrastructure for the future

The proposed strategic corridors and areas of search could be viewed on the interactive minerals mapping tool, which incorporates the proposed Policies Map. 

The consultation documents were also made available to view at County Hall reception (Spetchley Road, Worcester) and at all public libraries in Worcestershire during normal opening hours.

Responding to this document

We asked for your views on the Fourth Stage Consultation document to establish whether:

  • the plan sets the appropriate priorities to address the key issues for mineral planning in Worcestershire - this relates to the strategic direction of the plan, particularly whether the vision, objectives and spatial strategy are appropriate to achieve the aims of national policy and are responsive to local considerations
  • any wording changes are required to improve the clarity of the policies or reasoned justification - decision making depends on the detailed wording of the plan; this consultation document provides a full draft of the proposed wording of the plan to enable you to comment on specific issues
  • there are any other issues which the plan needs to consider

This was the last opportunity to comment on any aspect of the plan. Although there will be further consultation, the next stage will be limited to asking whether the plan complies with national requirements and legislation. 

The consultation questionnaire also included questions on: