Groups for parents

Information and support

Parenting groups and programmes provide an opportunity for groups of parents to come together, share their experiences and receive knowledge, skills and advice to help them as a parent.

Although groups may be different depending on where you live, find out more information from the  Starting Well Partnership.

Website: Starting Well Partnership (opens in a new window)

Website: Parenting groups (opens in a new window)

Find out more about online guides for parent

There are also a large number of parent support groups and activities running across the county. These are delivered through children’s centres and other community buildings. More information can be found on the activities and event page.

Support for single parents

Worcestershire Solo Warriors (opens in a new window) supports single parents across the county by providing an online support group, child friendly get-togethers, advice and support on various topics. Drop in sessions and outreach support for those that find attending the get-togethers difficult. To be a apart of the Warrior family find us on Facebook or email Sherisha for more information.


Netmums is a website for parents in the United Kingdom. It operates as a network of local sites, and offers information to both mothers and fathers about parenting.

Website: Netmums (opens in a new window)