What does a care and support plan contain?

Both conversation two and three may contain a plan outlining the support needed to maximise your wellbeing and independence.  For a conversation two this will be a short term plan to address your immediate requirements. Conversation three is more likely to be a longer term plan which will typically be reviewed every 12 months. For more information visit the Adult care and support - The way we work page.

These plans can be for people with care needs or for their carers and may contain:

  • details of your interests and goals
  • ideas for how to use the network of support options readily available to you
  • information and advice for example healthy living advice
  • any needs not met which require additional support
  • details of how these will be met
  • a personal budget that tells you how much money you will get to help you with your needs
  • how you can manage the services for example through a direct payment

If your care and support plan relies on someone else making decisions on your behalf, it must say how they will help you and how they will know that you are in agreement.

Remember, services provided by the council to meet long term eligible needs are not free, and you will be required to complete an assessment of your financial circumstances in order that a contribution towards the total cost of your care can be calculated and paid by you.

The council has a duty to ensure your care and support arrangements will meet your needs effectively, and that you are happy with your support plan and feel comfortable that this has been based on a supportive discussion around options, independence and risk.

If the council is unable to provide services for some of your needs the reasons will be explained to you and alternative provision made.