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Worcester Street Kidderminster Scheme Progress

The improvement scheme at Worcester Street is nearing completion and is now open to traffic however, there is still some work to do before it is fully finished. We anticipate there will continue to be some traffic management in place over the next few weeks while the final touches are made and road users and pedestrians get used to the new configuration.

We would like to draw attention to the changes as there are a number of motorists who are not taking notice of the permanent and additional temporary signage in the area.

  • the main part of Worcester Street between Prospect Hill/Marlborough Street and Blackwell Street/Coventry Street is now open ONE-WAY NORTHBOUND (UPHILL) except for cyclists i.e. there is NO access into Worcester Street from Blackwell Street/Coventry Street for motorised vehicles (including deliveries)
  • this main part of Worcester Street will be accessed via Marlborough Street which will become TWO-WAY
  • traffic travelling down Prospect Hill MAY NOT make a right turn directly into Worcester Street but will need to proceed along Marlborough Street, drive around the roundabout, return along Marlborough Street and make a left turn into Worcester Street
  • it would be preferable for traffic wishing to enter Worcester Street to approach from New Road/Marlborough Street
  • the western end of Coventry Street is ONE-WAY EASTBOUND except for cyclists
  • traffic is able to turn left out of the bottom (“dead end”) section of Worcester Street into Marlborough Street OR go straight ahead into the main part of Worcester Street
  • vehicles must not park on the cycle lane/double yellow lines or footways

The main issues are

  • vehicles coming down Prospect Hill making the prohibited right turn into Worcester Street
  • vehicles driving the wrong way along Coventry Street
  • vehicles illegally entering Worcester Street at the top end
  • vehicles driving part way up Worcester Street correctly, parking, then on departure doing a 3-point turn and travelling the wrong way down Worcester Street
  • vehicles are parking on the cycle lane/double-yellows/footways