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SEND Education Provision

What information does an EHCP contain?

The EHC assessment is a detailed look at your child’s special educational needs and Disabilities (SEND) and the support he or she may need in order to learn. Worcestershire County Council is responsible for carrying out the needs assessments under the Children and Families Act 2014.

A request for an EHC Needs Assessment  should only be made where a child/young person is failing to make expected progress following the Graduated response Assess/Plan/Do/Review cycles AND the special educational provision required to meet the child or young person's needs cannot reasonably be provided from the resources normally available to their setting through the local offer.

The EHC assessment brings together information about:

  • your child's education, health and care needs
  • special educational, health and care provision that may be required to meet those needs

It includes information from:

  • you
  • your child
  • the early years’ setting or school
  • other professionals who work with or support your child
  • post 16 providers

Common features of an EHCP

EHCPs may vary on the individual, however they have to be based on plans drawn up in chapter 9 of the SEND Code of Practice, which lays down some common features or sections that all EHCPs have to include:

  • Section A: family views and aspirations.
  • Section B: his or her special educational needs (SEN).
  • Section C: any health needs that are related to his or her SEN.
  • Section D: his or her social care needs.
  • Section E: what outcomes you’re hoping to achieve, including your long-term hopes for his or her adult life.
  • Section F: what special educational provision he or she requires.
  • Section G: what health care provision he or she may require.
  • Section H: what social care provision or support he or she may require.
  • Section I: the name of your child or young person's school or other placement, and what kind of institution it is.
  • Section J: this covers the Personal Budget. If you have one, and how it may be used to meet any outcomes.
  • Section K: appendices (the advice and information that was gathered when the EHC needs were being assessed).

EHC Assessment Requests

Download: Guidance and Form for parental request for EHC assessment