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SEND Education Provision

Early years SEND

Pre-school EHC Needs Assessments

The term SEND is used if a child or young person has a Special Educational Need and/or Disability.
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For some children the need for SEND support starts early and their nursery or pre-school may realise that they need extra support to move up to school. 

Sometimes the help a child has been getting at nursery won't be the help they need if they are to do well at school. Where this happens your child's needs and progress will be monitored by the Pre-School Forum (PSF) for the area where you live.

The PSF will monitor your child’s progress and will assess and review the support your child is likely to need when they start school. 

The possible Decisions which the PSF may make about a child are that:

  • the child has made sufficient progress to enter Reception without further monitoring;
  • the child has made good progress because of the support  they have received but will need to enter Reception with the Graduated Response cycle continuing.
  • the child may need some temporary support when they first start school. This will also help the school as it makes any changes and plans needed to support the child at school. 
  • the child's needs mean that it is likely that an EHC Needs Assessment should be completed and agreed before they start school. This happens where the child is likely to need, or would benefit  from, specialist provision in their Reception year at school – i.e. a Special School placement or placement in an Autism Base.

Where the PSF decides that an EHC assessment should be considered the Local Authority will ask for documented evidence of the steps taken to support the child’s SEND.