SEND Responsibility Framework

Worcestershire Children First (WCF) have worked together with schools and parent carers to agree how we can work together to achieve better outcomes for our children and young people with SEND. The SEND Responsibility Framework describes how settings, parent carers and WCF’s SEND casework team can contribute to this shared aim. Over time we will update and add to the framework as we agree the responsibilities of other teams working with families. We welcome improvement suggestions from parent carers and educational settings as we use this Framework to guide our conversations and work together.

Ways that parent carers might use the Responsibility Framework:

  • to understand how they can support others to understand their child and achieve better outcomes together
  • to understand what they can expect from educational settings and the SEND casework team and how they can give feedback which brings about improvements

Ways that educational settings and the SEND casework team might use the Responsibility Framework:

  • to evaluate and make improvements to their approach to working with children with SEND and their parent carers

As settings we need to

  • make sure we know our children with SEND well and know what progress they are making
  • speak to parent carers if we have concerns about children’sprogress and let them know what we are doing about it
  • tell parent carers about children’s strengths and what is going well
  • ask parent carers what help they think their children need and acton this where we can
  • make sure all our staff have the skills and understanding they need to help our children
  • make sure our children with SEND are included in school life by making changes to the way we do things so they don’t miss out
  • listen to what children say about the help they need and act on this where we can
  • welcome children with SEND as valued members of our community from their first visits to our settings
  • involve other professionals when we need help to understand how to support children

What others can do to help us

  • talk to our teachers or to our Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCos)
  • raise concerns with our Head Teachers or Governing Boards if things don’t get better
  • get involved in improving our work with children with SEND

As parent carers we need to

  • read and engage with information that is shared with us
  • build a relationship with people working with our children through regular open communication
  • come to meetings, tell others about our child (including their strengths), share our point of view and listen to others
  • help people working with our children understand what makes a difference for them and what is impacting on their lives
  • keep talking or writing to people working with our children if things aren't going well or when we disagree
  • let people know how to communicate with us effectively

What others can do to help us

  • talk to us about what is happening
  • ask if we need support
  • offer us support and strategies which will help our child
  • keep us informed about the information that needs to be shared with other professionals

As WCF SEND team we need to

  • consider Education Health and Care Needs Assessment requests carefully, looking at all the evidence If the evidence does support the need for an assessment to go ahead, tell parent carers and settings why and what they can do next
  • complete an assessment within 20 weeks, where one has been agreed
  • answer any questions parent carers and settings have quickly using plain English
  • listen to and value a variety of opinions throughout the assessment and involve parent carers as much as possible during the process
  • keep talking to parent carers and settings if things aren't going well or when we disagree
  • talk to parent carers about our decisions and help them understand what they can do if they disagree
  • review children’s Education Health and Care Plans every year and update their plans with agreed changes
  • support and challenge settings if we don’t think they are doing what they need to for our children with SEN

What others can do to help us

  • talk to us start with the SEN Caseworker and if you don’t see the changes you want, talk to a manager
  • raise concerns and tell us when things have gone well using our complaints and compliments policy
  • take part in our annual parent carer or setting SEND survey

Download: SEND Responsibility Framework (PDF)