Your feedback so far

Since March 2017, we have had a commitment to work with parent carers, young people and professionals about services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. We ask about what’s working well, what’s not working well and what they would do differently. We do this in several ways, by holding events, going out to groups (when running), having focus groups and sending out surveys sometimes with follow-up phones calls.

In 2020 Worcestershire Children First and Families in Partnership (FiP), Worcestershire’s parent carer forum sent out a joint parent carer survey to obtain the views of parent carers about services in the area for their children and young people with Special Educational needs/disability (SEND). This is something we intend to do annually.

The responses from this survey were anonymised and have been shared with partners. The results have been analysed and we are using them to help improve services.

We have worked together to produce a ‘You said, We did’ report where we outline what we have done so far and what we intend to do as a result of the feedback.

Download: SEND Improvement Parent Carer Survey - You Said, We Did Report 2020 (PDF)