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Child Protection Chair

This service is responsible for organising and chairing Initial and Review Child Protection Conferences.

Who is an Child Protection Chair?

The conference chair should be a professional, independent of operational and/or line management responsibilities for the case. Where possible the same person should chair subsequent child protection reviews. The chair should meet the child and parents, where ever possible, in advance to ensure they understand the purpose of the conference and the process.

The chair should also quality assure progress to secure improved outcomes for the child in between case conferences – this is achieved through mid-way audits.

Those with Parental Responsibility and professionals involved in the child's life will receive copies of the Conference Minutes and the Outline Plan.

Download: A guide to Child Protection Enquiries (Section 47) (PDF)

Download: A guide to Child Protection Conferences (PDF)

Download: A Guide to Child Protection Conferences for children and young people (PDF)