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Children in employment

Information for parents

  • always ensure that if your child works they have a valid work permit
  • if your child does not have a work permit then they are illegally employed and are not covered by the employers insurance
  • always ask to see a copy of the risk assessment so that you are fully aware of the duties your child will be undertaking to ensure that your child's safety and welfare have been considered
  • if your child is asked to work hours in excess of those agreed, notify the Child Employment Office
  • remember your child will not be insured if they work outside of the times granted by the Child Employment Office
  • if you feel your child is carrying out duties outside of those agreed or you have concerns about their safety or welfare at the place of employment, then notify the Child Employment Office
  • as the parent or carer you should ensure that your child does not work without a work permit
  • if the Child Employment Office notifies you that the work permit has been revoked, you will be informed of the reason
  • if you allow your child to carry on working without the permit, both you and the employer will be held responsible
  • if your child fails to attend school on a regular basis a work permit will not be issued and your child will be unable to undertake part-time work