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Children in employment

Information for employers

  • the law states that those who employ children are responsible for applying for a work permit for a child of  school age.
  • you can apply for a work permit by downloading the application form for employment permit.
  • you must have Public and Employers Liability Insurance
  • you must prepare a risk assessment for each employee's set of duties and a copy of this must be given to the parent/carer at the time they sign the application form, giving their permission for the child to be employed
  • you must ensure that you train the child for the job and make them aware of any risks which may be involved
  • you must supply the child with any necessary safety equipment and clothing
  • you must not ask any child to undertake work which has not previously been agreed with the Child Employment Office supplying the work permit
  • you must ensure the child's welfare at all times whilst in your employment
  • you should encourage children to let you know if there is anything that is causing them concern