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Children in employment

What sort of work can a child do?

  • delivering newspapers or leaflets (this should not include collecting money)
  • working in a shop
  • being a waitress or waiter in a cafe or restaurant (there are some restrictions with this type of work)
  • office work (not within a factory environment)
  • shampooing, sweeping up in a hairdressers

This is not a complete list.

What sort of work are children not allowed to do?

  • in a commercial kitchen (fish and chip shop)
  • in a factory
  • delivering milk
  • telephone sales
  • preparation of food
  • in a residential care or nursing home providing personal care
  • working in a shop selling alcohol
  • working in a chemist dispensing drugs and medicines
  • a fairground or amusement arcade
  • collecting or sorting of rags or refuse
  • cleaning windows more then 3 meters above the ground
  • work involving exposure to adult content
  • any work which may be described as dangerous

This is not a complete list.