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Children's Social Worker Jobs

Social Worker

Purpose of the role

Social Workers will practice effectively, exercising higher quality judgements in situations of increasing complexity, risk, uncertainty and challenge. Through growing understanding they expect and anticipate, but do not pre-judge, the issues that may develop. They have greater confidence and independence (whilst accessing support when needed), and use their initiative to broaden their repertoire of responses; they have expertise in one or more areas of practice, be familiar with local resource networks and be recognised by peers as a source of reliable knowledge and advice.

To attain this role you will

  • have completed the ASYE programme and passed newly qualified period of 1 year
  • hold a BA/BSc/MA in Social Work (or equivalent)
  • be Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered

Key knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in this role

  • to be able to promote the profession in a growing range of contexts
  • to identify ways to develop yourself with the potential to identify an area of specialism to support learning and development in your team
  • to maintain professionalism in the face of challenging circumstances
  • to manage workload independently, taking responsibility, seeking support and suggesting solutions for workload difficulties, being aware of escalation policy 
  • to maintain appropriate personal/professional boundaries to use personal skills and manage personal impact with families
  • to maintain awareness of own professional limitations and knowledge gaps, identifying relevant training and discussing the availability with managers
  • to identify and act on learning needs for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), including through supervision and provide a written record