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Education reviews and consultations

Change of Autism/CCN team “core” offer consultation

Non-statutory consultation 2021 on the proposed change of Autism/CCN team “core” offer will run for four weeks between 27 May 2021 and 24 June 2021.

Worcestershire Children First Autism/CCN Team are seeking views on a proposed change to the “core” offer of school support from the team. The proposed changes are not a reduction in support but a re-focus on developing the capacity of settings to meet the needs of learners with autism (and similar) through whole-school training, improvement visits and SENCO support. There will also be a route for advisory support from the team for specific complex cases, subject to process.

This change is being considered for September 2021. Anyone with an interest in this change are welcome to provide response.

Download proposal document (Word)

Download proposal document (PDF)

The consultation closed on the 24 June 2021.