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Help to find work (SEND Local Offer)

Routes into work guide

The Department for Education has put together a guide called 'Routes into Work'. The guide provides information about options for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to help them get a job.

Website: Preparing for adulthood - Routes into work guide (opens in a new window)

Support at your local Job Centre

Job Centres have specially trained employment advisors that can support people with disabilities. They can help you find out what sort of job you would like and help you to apply for it.

Website: .GOV.UK - Looking for work if you're disabled (opens in a new window)

Supported Employment Service

The Supported Employment Service is funded by Public Health and Worcestershire County Council and can support:

Unemployed adults,18 years of age and above who live in Worcestershire

(who are motivated to participate in work activity and employment and could be available at least part of two days per week)


a) have a learning disability and are in receipt of adult social care.


b) are known to social care whose circumstances make them vulnerable due to social isolation, disability, health issues and there is potential to increase skills and independence through work activities.

The Supported Employment Service supports people to access work activity and employment, helping to increase life skills, independence, involvement in the community and stronger networks.

The service works with organisations, business, and employers to develop how they can offer accessible work opportunities, recruit, employ and support people with disabilities in a work setting.

The service works alongside people and their employers, families, carers, and professionals, to support the persons journey in to work and to maintain their work.

The service can also provide advice and links to other organisations that can offer other work-related support and guidance.

For more information:

• email:

• telephone: 01905 846 777

• mobile: 07715 044 118

There are some other things that might help you to get a job:

  • careers advice and support – you can get some advice on what jobs might be suited to you and what skills and experience you might need to apply
  • apprenticeships – this is where you can work while you study
  • traineeships – there are lots of programmes where you can gain qualifications, skills, work experience and improve your confidence
  • volunteering – this will help you gain some experience of what it's like to have a job as well as meet new people and employers