Under the Care Act 2014, the Council has a duty to provide information, advice and support; this is to make sure that Carers' well-being is promoted by helping them to reduce their support needs through maintaining independence and good health, and promoting well-being. All partners work with carers to identify the resources already available to them in their family and community networks and put support in place to complement these where necessary. 

Who is a carer?

You are a Carer if you are 18 years old or older and you look after:

  • an adult (18 years and older) who is ill, disabled or frail and cannot manage without your help; or
  • a person who is perhaps a relative or friend, whether or not they live with you
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Carers' Week 2020

Carers Week is a national event run each year in June and is all about recognising, supporting and celebrating carers. The theme this year is Making Caring Visible and we are keen to not only highlight the amazing work that carers do, but raise awareness of the difficulties they face and support that is needed.

For a list of digital activities during Carers Week please see our partners from Worcestershire Association of Carers - Carers week (opens in a new window)


For Carers Week Worcestershire Association of Carers (WAC) have launched a new health and wellbeing survey - it's very light touch and won’t take long to complete. We wanted to take the opportunity to ask carers what you would like to see being delivered by WAC in terms of health and wellbeing sessions: Worcestershire Association of Carers - Carer Wellbeing (opens in a new window).

Councillors and officers pledge their support for carers

Paula Furnival

Adrian Hardman

As a carer do you need the support?

The Worcestershire Integrated Carers Hub supports unpaid adult carers across the County and builds on Worcestershire Association of Carers current provision, by providing a one stop shop for carers. To find out more visit Worcestershire Association of Carers (opens in new window) or call 0300 012 4272.