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Disclosure Barring Service (DBS)

The council recommends that all Personal Assistant’s (PA) are DBS checked for the safety of the people we support. It is the choice of the individual/ employer as to whether to follow this advice.

Why do we DBS check?

A key part of the safer recruitment process is the use of a DBS check. A DBS check refers to the Disclosure and Barring Services, which helps us make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups. DBS helps access if any of our PA applicants have criminal records or are on any barring lists which would raise concern about their ability to be able to administer care, or to work in the sector at all.

Most importantly, these background checks enable us to make sure the people in our care are protected. As an employer in the Health & Care Sector, the worst nightmare is one of our employees endangering the safety of someone in our care. Safer recruitment training and DBS checks can help ensure that this never happens.

How do we DBS check?

Worcestershire County Council are a registered organisation of the DBS and we use an online system called eBulk, The Service user will be set up on this as an organisation (employer). The PA will apply online using the organisation reference, once applied the PA will show whoever is supporting the Direct payment normally a Social worker 3 pieces of ID to be checked and verified. The social worker will then check these off on ebulk and approve for checking and completion by the DBS team and police checking.

How to request a DBS check

You will need to ask your social care worker to start the process for you. They will need the personal assistant’s name and date of birth. Then they will commence the process by emailing the DBS team the information for the employer to be set up on the system. They will give the PA the details of how to apply online and they will view the PA identification documents. The PA will receive their DBS certificate through the post and will need to show this to their employer.

It is the employer’s choice as to whether the PA commences employment prior to the DBS check being completed.

Employers and other organisations can check someone’s DBS certificate status online and get a result straight away using this link: employers to check a certificate online.

There’s no registration process or fee for employers to check a certificate online, but employers:

  • must be legally entitled to carry out a check
  • have the worker’s permission

Read the detailed guidance for employers.

The Update Service

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) update service lets applicants keep their DBS certificates up to date online and allows employers to check a certificate online.

Applicants: How to register

You can register online as soon as you have your application form reference number. You can ask for the number when you apply for your DBS check.

Or you can wait and register with your certificate number when you receive your DBS certificate. If so, you must do so within 30 days of the certificate being issued.

Registration lasts for 1 year and costs £13 per year or Free for volunteers. You’ll get an ID number with your registration that you need to log on to the service.

What you get

When you join, you’ll get an online account that lets you:

  • take your certificate from one job to the next
  • give employers permission to check your certificate online, and see who has checked it
  • add or remove a certificate

Read the DBS update service: guide for applicants DBS