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Employing a personal assistant

You may choose to employ your own personal assistant. You can pay for your personal assistant with your direct payments.

The Council strongly recommends that you use Direct Payments | Barrie Bookkeeping & Payroll Solutions (opens in a new window) a direct payment support service when using your direct payment to employ personal assistants. They can provide you with an information pack about their services.

The Council strongly recommends that if you choose to use a personal assistant to provide your support, that you employ the staff and not use people who offer a service as self-employed personal assistants.

When you choose to employ people you take on significant responsibilities. You must think about all the aspects of employing your own staff to ensure you are a good employer.

Legal responsibilities

As an employer, you must make sure that any prospective worker is eligible to work in the UK before you employ them.

Ask to check people’s passports or other ID to prove they’re from the European Economic Area or have a visa to work here.

Remember to keep a copy of the paperwork.

For more information on the right to work in the UK, visit the Home Office website (opens in a new window)

Covid-19 information and guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) personal budgets and direct payments