What to do if things change with the services you receive?

Occasionally things will happen or your situation may change. You or your family might need to talk to someone about what to do next?

What happens if your needs are not being met?

The council may have a responsibility to step in and help you. A review or reassessment of your needs may need to take place. The council may have to arrange services for a period of time or support you to enable you to carry on using Direct Payments. If you are assisting with managing Direct Payments for someone please contact the council and let them know about the change. Contact Worcestershire County Council as soon as possible.

What If the emergency plans you have in place are not working?

You will have discussed a plan about what you will do if your personal assistant goes off sick takes annual leave or doesn’t show up for work. Sometimes the best plans do not always work. The council has a responsibility to step in and assist you to meet your identified needs as discussed in your care/ support plan. If this happens, contact Worcestershire County Council.

When you are buying a service from an agency

Worcestershire County Council can provide you with a factsheet that explains what you should do when arranging your support from an agency. If something happens and you are not happy with the service from the agency, you must first contact them and discuss your concerns with them direct, as you are the customer. You can also contact Worcestershire County Council and discuss your concerns.

When employing personal assistants

If you employ a personal assistant you will become their employer. As an employer you must follow employment legislation. Penderels Trust (opens in a new window) a direct payment support service can support you if you have concerns about the person you are employing.

What happens if you and your personal assistant don't get along?

If you are unfortunate and this happens please contact Penderels Trust (opens in a new window) a direct payment support service and Worcestershire County Council who can support you with this situation.

What happens if I have trouble with my payments?

Mistakes do happen when people are using direct payments. Contact Worcestershire County Council and speak to a practitioner, or Penderels Trust (opens in a new window) a direct payment support service  who will support you with this.

What happens if I have to go into hospital?

Let the council know if you have to go into hospital for any reason. If possible inform your personal assistant or arrange for someone else to do that on your behalf.

Try to keep the personal assistant up to date with how long you might be in hospital. It would be a good idea to check what you contract says about paying your personal assistant whilst you are in hospital.

It could also mean your personal assistant may be able to continue to support you while you are in hospital.

Who can I contact for more advice?

You can contact the Access, Triage and Intervention Service (ATIS) please call 01905 768053.

Penderels Trust

Offer advice, guidance and practical solutions to enable people with disabilities and older people to live independently in their own homes, to achieve their goals in life and to help them play an active part in their community. For more help with personal budgets and direct payments visit the Penderels Trust website (opens in a new window).