Using direct payments to buy equipment and assistive technology

A direct payment can be used for recommended daily living equipment or assistive technology to promote independence and assist a person to live in their own home.

Instead of having equipment provided, you would buy the equipment you need with your direct payments. The Council must be satisfied that the equipment meets your assessed needs and outcomes adequately.

The Direct Payment cannot be used to purchase items that would normally be provided by others such as the NHS or housing.

Agreement for a piece of equipment may be included in the personal budget or agreed as a separate one off direct payment

The advantage is that you may wish to purchase equipment from a different supplier to the one that the Council uses or contribute using own resources to a more costly item to choose the best option for you.

Any dispersed alarms you purchase may have to go through an Alarm Receiving Centre and any ongoing monitoring and response costs may be chargeable to you.

Equipment purchased by a direct payment will belong to you and therefore you will be responsible for its care and maintenance. Keep insurance policies, warranties, invoices and receipts in a safe place as you may be asked to provide these.

Additional cost for items that require regular servicing or maintenance will need to be built into your personal support plan. When the equipment is no longer useful to you, it is yours to dispose of, though it may be possible for the Council to arrange for it to be collected. The Council will not buy the equipment from you. 

Who can I contact for more advice?

You can contact the Access, Triage and Intervention Service (ATIS) please call 01905 768053.

Penderels Trust

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