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Community Micro-enterprise Project for Worcestershire - Get involved 

We are really pleased to let you know that Community Catalysts is coming to Worcestershire. We are a social enterprise working with Worcestershire Council and other local partners on the Community Micro-enterprise Project. We are currently recruiting a local Co-ordinator (we call them a Catalyst) to work with all the amazing action groups, communities’ teams and other connectors in the area; we will also connect with some of the enterprises that participated in a programme we ran in Worcestershire from 2013 – 2016.

We will work across the whole of the county and prioritise areas with higher needs as we progress. Our aim is to link with local passionate people who want to develop their own community micro-enterprise. This term may mean nothing just now - in essence it’s local people helping other local people who need some help and support to live and stay at home, or those who would like support to engage with groups or opportunities in the community. How they do that is entirely their choice - as a sole trader or maybe with friends they set up a co-operative or social enterprise. We know it can be a great option for people with or without a care background to help others locally and earn a living from it at the same time. 

At Community Catalysts we’ve done this for over 10 years, up and down the country. We see how amazing it is for older or disabled people be able to get the support they need from the same person or people, maybe even someone from the same village, where they both have a connection to where they live. Take a look at our website and see some great stories of people who have set up an enterprise and how they have changed people’s lives.

We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love - these difficult times have shown us even more that people want to help others in their community to achieve that. The Community Micro-enterprise Project will offer free support, helping folks to help their neighbours and to really understand how to run their own enterprise well, whilst providing the best care and support that they can. 

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I am the Project Manager at Community Catalysts and would like to talk to as many people as possible over the next two to three months, before the Catalyst starts their work in Worcestershire. I would like to do this to gather information on all the great things happening already that we can link in with (we call it a diagnostic). You can contact me on 07384 835 722, or email me on

Exciting times ahead!