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What can direct payments be used for?

Direct payments give you more choice, control, and flexibility over your care and support arrangements. A direct payment allows you to receive money to purchase your identified care and support needs. This can include (but not limited to):

  • personal care from a personal assistant (known as PA) and/or domiciliary/home care provider; the PA is someone who doesn’t live with you and can be employed or self-employed
  • equipment or assistive technology
  • using care home agency
  • assistance with daily living tasks
  • support from a communicator guide (if you have a sensory impairment)
  • support to access community, social and leisure activities (alternatives to day services)
  • replacement care (e.g. you can remain at home and supplement existing arrangements and have replacement care delivered in the home)

What direct payments cannot be used to pay for

  • household bills or items e.g. electricity, gas, and furniture etc
  • rent or mortgage
  • food and drink
  • health services e.g. dentist

Who can I contact for more advice?

You can contact the Adult Contact Team on 01905 768053.

Direct Payment Support Service can help with a range of queries for example about what DP’s are, how funding can be spent including options such as employed PA, self-employed PA’s, microenterprises, the PA finder/matching service, domiciliary care, the costing of services, recruiting a PA, queries relating to employment law, contracts of employment, being a good employer, training, Managed (third party) Accounts, payroll advice, HMRC advice, insurance information (public liability and employers liability), pension and autoenrollment, national insurance and national living wage and national minimum wage and redundancy advice and calculations.