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Autism Training

Online Autism Awareness Training for Worcestershire Businesses

Worcestershire County Council are working with the UK’s leading autism charity, The National Autistic Society (NAS) to provide free online Autism Awareness Training for the county’s businesses. This training will help individuals and organisations to work with autistic customers and colleagues. This may help you to get a wider range of customers and will support a more diverse and productive workforce.

There are 4 training modules available

Understanding Autism

Learn about the unique strengths and attributes of autistic people as well as some of the common difficulties they face. This module provides information on how to make environments more enabling for autistic people.

Autism and Communication

Learn about variations in use of language and communication and also factors that can impact on (successful) communication. This module also provides information on how to recognise and respond to the natural communication preferences of autistic people.

Autism and Sensory Experience

Learn about differences in how people on the autism spectrum process information and the impact of sensory differences on everyday life for autistic people.

Autism in the Workplace

Specifically for employers and colleagues of autistic people

Learn about difficulties autistic people may experience in the workplace and discover potential causes of anxiety. This module also identifies and gives recommendations on implementing reasonable adjustments to support autistic colleagues.

Further information

For more information on the modules available to take, and how to access this free training please visit: Autism online training free to organisations in Worcestershire

This training is initially limited to 5 employees per organisation as we are expecting high level of interest and want to ensure as many organisations as possible are able to take up this opportunity.

Each module is completed with an assessment and certification, which can be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).