Is Shared Lives for you?

Shared Lives - Rollercoaster


Shared Lives is for people over the age of 18 who have additional support needs, this may because they have a learning disability, a long-term health condition, or may be a young person aiming to build on life skills for more independent living.

We support people who want to live in a family home, within a local community.

Our Shared Lives Providers can support you with your daily routines, for example personal care, attending appointments, developing new skills and accessing your local community., they also provide friendship. 

How do I get a placement?

All our enquiries for placements come from our Worcestershire Social Work teams. You will be contacted by the scheme when we receive an enquiry which may match your household. The matching process is central to the person-centred approach in Shared Lives. This can take time, and involves considering the support needs of the person, the location, social networks and other factors specific to the person.

Lizzie and Chloe

Sarah, Sam, Jordan and Matthew