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Are you interested in living with a shared lives family?

Shared Lives provide long or short term care and support within a family home. You will be supported to choose where you wish to live, and to move in.

Our Shared Lives Carers can support you with your daily routines, for example; helping with personal care, attending appointments and accessing your local community, they also provide friendship. Shared Lives can also support you with gaining independence and continuing to do the things you like to do.

Shared Lives Carers are Professional Carers who open their homes to support adults with care and support needs.

Shared Lives believes that everyone has the right to live an ordinary life and we would support you every step of the way to achieve your life goals.

Check out our booklet for more information about Shared Lives and the stories of people who live within the scheme.

You can also see what it is like to live in a Shared Lives placement by looking at the following YouTube videos:

If you would like to find out further information about Shared Lives please contact us, or ask your Social Worker/Advocate/Appropriate Person for assistance to contact us:

Telephone: 01905 765622, choose option 3