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Would you like to work from home? Are you looking for a career change?

We are recruiting! This year, Worcestershire County Council’s Shared Lives service is expanding, meaning more individuals will be able to consider a Shared Lives placement as an alternative to other forms of support.

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What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives offers people the opportunity to stay in a family home, with trained Shared Lives Providers, who have been carefully matched to ensure that people have the best opportunities possible.

It’s all about the household sharing lives, interests and experiences.

Often described as being “a bit like foster care for adults”, Shared Lives supports people to develop new skills, enjoy living in a local community, and maintain their independence and sense of identity.

People may live in Shared Lives as a long-term arrangement, or just for a few days to give a family carer a break.

It offers a great alternative to residential care, and may also be a stepping stone to more independent living.

Shared Lives is for adults who have additional support needs, this may because they have a learning disability, a long-term health condition, or may be a young person aiming to build on life skills for more independent living.

“I love being in a caring family. I love living in Shared Lives with Karen and BJ and I want to stay here for ever.”


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Experience of working in care is not essential

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We support people who want to live in a family home, within a local community

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Shared Lives is inspected and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

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