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Cyberbullying is using the internet, email, online games or any digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else.

Useful links

Website: Bullying UK (opens in a new window)

Website: Childline (opens in a new window)

Website: NSPCC Helping Children Deal with Bullying and Cyberbullying (opens in a new window)

Website: Bullying UK what is cyberbullying (opens in a new window)

What can the police do?

If the police consider a message or post to be potentially criminal, they will take appropriate action.

This could involve arresting the person responsible or interviewing them under caution. Cases involving sustained abuse or where someone’s life is threatened will be treated seriously. The police will consider all of the circumstances when considering the best response to a report of cyber bullying.

They will assess how vulnerable the victim is and what resources are required to trace the offender via social networking sites that often operate abroad and to different legislation. In certain cases it may be difficult to take action if the offender isn’t in the UK.

They will work with the victim to bring about the most suitable and proportionate conclusion, this will include alternative options that include the officer in the case using their discretion and working with the offender to record an apology to the victim.