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Worcestershire Travel Wallet

What is a travel wallet?

The Worcestershire Travel Wallet is a scheme to support people with various disabilities to make best use of public transport by helping overcome some of the communication barriers that they can face on a daily basis. 

Under this scheme, adults with disabilities will be provided with a readily recognisable plastic wallet.

An image of a Worcestershire Travel Wallet

This will enable disabled passengers to organise their tickets/travel pass and also enable them to display simple messages that they can show to drivers/ticket staff to assist in their journey.  Some of these will be simple requests for patience, such as "please wait for me to find a seat" and others might be more specific to their particular journey such as "could you let me know when we get to the College".

The idea initially came from the Worcestershire People's Parliament, which is an organisation comprised of people with various Learning Disabilities, and is fully supported by Worcestershire County Council as being of value to people with a wide range of disabilities or age related frailty. Similar schemes are being run in several other Local Authority areas and have proved popular with passengers and the transport providers alike. 

How does the scheme work?

Anyone wishing to have a wallet can contact the Council and a Social Worker will discuss their needs and issues before issuing them with a wallet, guidance information on its use and a set of message cards appropriate to their journeys.  Several charities and voluntary organisations will also be supplied with a stock of cards to assist.

To request a Travel Wallet contact:

The Access, Triage and Intervention Service on 01905 768053 or

Passengers with a disability will then be able to show these cards when seeking assistance with their journey, whether this is when boarding a bus, buying tickets, on a train platform, or in other circumstances.