SEND Improvement Plan

Worcestershire Ofsted SEND re-inspection

In August 2018 Worcestershire County Council and partners launched a Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Improvement Plan that was developed with parentcarers, education providers and health colleagues.

It followed the Local Area SEND inspection by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in March 2018 which looked at how effectively provision in Worcestershire improves outcomes for children with SEND.

The Local Area was due to be reinspected in March 2020, but this was deferred due to COVID-19.

Ofsted and the CQC have announced that inspections will start again in April 2021 and we are expecting our reinspection very soon.

We have produced the following summary videos which outline the work we have done so far.

SEND Inspection Report 2018

In March 2018, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission inspected how effectively the special educational needs and disability provision is delivered in Worcestershire by the Council together with NHS Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups. Inspectors looked at the local information that is provided across the county on services to support children and young people and their parents and carers. They reviewed joint commissioning between health services and the Council, and the way schools support children in mainstream education. Inspectors also looked at assessments and planning for children and young people with special educational needs and disability.

Improvements were recognised by inspectors, but it was found that children and young people who have SEND are not provided with the quality of support and service they are entitled to.

Read the inspection report at Ofsted website (opens in a new window)

SEND Action Plan

The Council worked together with NHS Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups to produce and submit an action plan to Ofsted that details how the local area will tackle the significant areas of weakness identified in the inspection report.

A Written Statement of Action was prepared together with health colleagues, parents and carers, head teachers and other key stakeholders. The Written Statement of Action was evaluated by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission and published in October 2018.

Download the SEND Action Plan

Local Area partners are working together to deliver the improvements detailed in the Written Statement of Action with progress monitored through a SEND Improvement Board.

Download the latest SEND Action Plan Progress Report

SEND Strategy

See our strategy documents and latest progress reports at the SEND strategy page.