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Integrated two and a half year old review

The integrated review at age two has retained all key aspects of the existing two-year progress check and Healthy Child Programme (HCP) health and development review, as set out in key governmental guidance.

Through developing communication links between health visitors, early years practitioners and parents or carers, a more complete, holistic picture of a child’s progress can be gathered, identifying developmental needs and offering timely support or interventions.

The integrated two and a half year old review should:

  • improve multiagency working and sharing of information to support families
  • reduce duplication
  • provide clearer and more consistent information for parents or carers
  • provide a more holistic understanding of a child’s needs
  • provide earlier identification of needs and earlier access to support
  • contribute to improved outcomes for children, including impr

For more information see Integrated two and a half year old review

It can be confusing to know who all the different health professionals are who may become involved with you and your family

Here you will find links to NHS websites which have information to help you understand who the professionals are, what they do and how you can access their services.

Website: Birthways - information on maternity support and services (opens in a new window)

You may find that a number of health professionals become involved with you and your family, and it can be difficult to know who they all are, what they do and how you can access their services.
Here we have given links to those services which are the most likely to be involved in the early years, a wider range can be found here

Information from Worcestershire SEND Local Offer: Health services for children and young people with SEND

Worcestershire County Council: Health and Wellbeing

NHS websites

The links are to the relevant information on NHS websites, to help you understand who the professionals are. In most cases the websites tell you about the services, where they are based and most importantly what the referral route is to getting the support and help they offer.

Starting Well Service

The Starting Well Service in Worcestershire brings together teams of staff who provide help and support to children, young people and families. The service provides support to expectant mums, new born babies, school aged children and teenagers and work to encourage development and progress.

Website: Starting Well (opens in a new window)

Community Paediatrics

The Community Paediatric Team are advanced clinical practitioners who have experience in child health between 0 to 18years. They see children in a community setting and provide ongoing care if there is a clinical need. They do clinical assessments for children and young people with long term disability, developmental delay, neurodevelopmental conditions for example, ADHD and Autism.

Website: Community Paediatrics (opens in a new window)

Child Development Centres (CDC)

There are three Child Development Centres (CDC) across the county in Redditch, Kidderminster and Worcester City and they provide services to children with additional needs.

The CDC’s themselves are resource buildings with a number of rooms used by clinicians working with children for clinics and groups. One of the core services running out of these buildings are the Child Development Centre groups, run by Specialist Nursery Nurses with support, intervention and supervision from other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Website: Child Development Centres (CDC) (opens in a new window)

Child Development Team (CDT)

The Child Development Team (CDT) is a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency team of professionals working with pre-school children with additional needs.
Website (opens new window)

Community Children’s Nursing Team (Orchard Service)

The Orchard Service is a Children’s Community Nursing and Palliative Care Team that covers Worcestershire. The child must be under a Worcestershire GP to be able to access the service. They are a mixed team consisting of nurses, a clinical psychologist, a social worker, a play specialist and carers. The team provides care to patients with a long term complex health need and their families. This can include end of life care in a child’s home.

Website: Orchard service north (opens in a new window)
Website: Orchard service south (opens in a new window)

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service provides evidence based services that anticipate and respond to the needs of children and young people who experience speech, language, communication or swallowing difficulties in Worcestershire and beyond.

Website: Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) (opens new window)