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Childminders provide care, play and learning opportunities within the childminders own home, for children of all ages from birth upwards.

Important facts

  • they are self-employed
  • may be able to work flexible hours to suit your needs particularly if you work shifts, or if your hours change from week to week
  • will often take or collect children from playgroup or school
  • may offer care for older children in the school holidays and after school
  • must have public liability insurance 
  • can care for a maximum of six children under 8 years of age, depending on the play space available, but no more than three under 5 years of age and not normally more than one under 12 months
  • some childminders are part of a formal network and have a quality assurance award, are regularly monitored and may be able to offer free nursery education places, there should be a written agreement, signed by the childminder and yourself, so that you are both clear about the arrangements made

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This includes childcare that has spaces for 2, 3 and 4 year old funded children, as well as those that provide before and after school pick-ups and those that specifically cater for children with a disability or special educational need.

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