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Stay Connected pledge

Stay ConnectedTo help people connect with others the Tackling Loneliness in Worcestershire Steering Group has developed the Stay Connected pledge. 

The pledge

Tackling loneliness has always been a priority in Worcestershire, but now more than ever. We recognise that there are people of all ages who are feeling lonely and we want to encourage everyone to take simple steps to feel more connected, which we can all do, even at a distance.

To enable residents to identify what opportunities are available across Worcestershire for them to connect we have launched the ‘Stay Connected’ pledge that all providers can sign up to. This will show residents that as organisations you are committed to tackling loneliness and supporting people to stay connected.

All we ask is that each provider ensure their activities are inclusive, welcoming and provides an opportunity for people to connect with others, by putting in place some simple measures:

  • ensure the activity is inclusive
  • identify any barriers to participation and where possible work with partners to address these e.g. arranging community transport, taking the activity out into the community, making the activity available online
  • welcome and introduce new members (this could include a ‘Welcome Pack’ given to members including information about the activity)
  • offer a buddy scheme where existing members ‘class advocates’ support new members to feel welcome and included
  • ask members about their skills and interests and if they would like to be more involved through volunteering
  • keep members informed of any activity changes via telephone, email and social media
  • where appropriate keep attendance registers to contact members if they have not attended after an appropriate amount of time to see if they need any support
  • provide information on tackling loneliness and signpost to other services
  • staff and volunteers complete the Making Every Contact Count (MECC) e-learning, and any other appropriate training e.g. loneliness awareness, inclusivity

As organisations you will be provided with signposting information and access to the MECC e-learning.

Once the measures have been put in place and you have signed and dated the pledge you will be awarded the ‘Stay Connected’ logo which is available in a number of formats that you can use on any marketing and publications when promoting your activity. As an organisation you will also be listed as a partner on the Organisations who have signed up page.

Your registration will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure these measures are still being implemented and as organisations you are still committed to supporting people to stay connected.

Sign up

By signing the pledge organisations across Worcestershire are putting measures in place to ensure their groups and activities are welcoming, inclusive to all and support people to stay connected.

If as an organisation you are able to fulfil the requirements and would like to be part of this initiative please download the pledge (PDF), sign and date the pledge and return to it to

See the organisations who have signed up page.


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