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Loneliness and isolation

Tackling loneliness has always been a priority in Worcestershire but now more than ever following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  We recognise that there are people of all ages who may be feeling lonely or isolated and we want to encourage everyone to take simple steps to help them feel more connected. To help people connect with others the Tackling Loneliness in Worcestershire Steering Group has developed the Stay Connected pledge, which works with organisations across Worcestershire to ensure their activities are inclusive, welcoming to all and support people to stay connected. To sign up and find out more see the Stay Connected section.

There are many ways in which you and those around you can feel less lonely. Some people find connecting with others is the best way to help with their loneliness while others prefer to deal with their loneliness alone. Please see the what can I do if I feel lonely section for suggestions on ways in which you can stay connected or how you can help friends, family or other individuals with their feelings of loneliness. For information on the support that is available locally and nationally, see the support and help section.

The tackling loneliness content is also available as a downloadable file: Tackling loneliness in Worcestershire (PDF).

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Stay Connected pledge