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My experience being a birth child in a fostering family

Connies family have been fostering with WCFF for 8 years in total, to support the fostering networks Sons and Daughters month 2021, Connie has written this lovely piece giving an insight into her thoughts and feelings about being a birth child within a fostering family.

I was six when we started fostering. I remember the day she arrived vividly, she was dropped off in her car seat, and I was craning my head around the door frame desperate to see her. She was so diddy, just a doll. I was ecstatic, being so young I wasn't told the details of why she was here but I just welcomed her to our family - no questions asked.

The hardest part of fostering is when the children leave. I'm thirteen now, and we have been fostering for 8 years and it doesn't get any easier with each child that passes through our home. I love each of them as I love my siblings. We have actually kept in touch with most of our foster children and it is really beautiful seeing them grow.

Fostering is something I aspire to do when I have my own family, it is so rewarding. All the cuddles and the kisses but also becoming aware of the sadness and impact around birth families. Before we started fostering, I just had no idea about anything to do with trauma or loss. But now it is one of the things I'm really passionate about. I'm so grateful for fostering, it has changed me as a person - for the better. I'm so much more well-rounded, empathic, and thoughtful. Fostering has become part of my identity, and I love it.

CP (aged 13)

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