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Children's Services Privacy Notice

How long we will hold your information

The record retention for Childrens Service child casefile records is currently Date of Birth plus 25 Years; Looked After Children (LAC) records is currently Date of Birth plus 75 Years. 

However there are also a range of other retention periods affecting different types of information and service needs and these range from 1 year to 100 years depending on the type of information and service. More information about our retention periods can be found in our summary Disposal Schedule.

Please note, stated retention periods may be subject to any legal holds imposed under the Inquiries Act 2005 that may concern the information and override standard retention periods.

Automated Decisions

Where laptops are supplied they will be supplied with the esafe monitoring service. The purpose of the Service is to provide warning of markers of risk affecting the welfare and wellbeing of young people in care, to enable Worcestershire Children First to meet our statutory duty of care to safeguard and protect young people. Any incidents detected of this nature will be reported directly to nominated contacts at Worcestershire Children First by the monitoring service provider and appropriate intervention applied to support the [child/young person] in question.