Social Work Academy

Welcome to the Social Work Academy​​

Focussing as never before on supporting social workers, Worcestershire's Social Work Academy is in place to promote and enable a professional learning culture across Children's Social Care, improve professional excellence and drive up standards to deliver high quality practice for the children and young people of Worcestershire. The Social Work Academy is a virtual learning environment, a 'one-stop shop' for practising social workers across the County where you are supported to:

  • develop and enhance your critical reflection and practice skills,
  • use a wide range of resources and tools, 
  • increase your knowledge and use of research, 
  • learn from service users feedback, audits, complaints and serious case reviews, 
  • equip you to progress your career 

Our blended learning approach will inspire, engage and challenge you to develop your confidence and enable you to unlock your potential.  We promote an integrated approach to social work learning and development and our initiatives, interventions and learning solutions are rooted in sound research and evidenced based practice.  We also offer clear career development pathway with access to high quality and diverse continuous professional development (CPD). 

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Working together to improve the lives of Children and Families