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Request for a new rights of way

New rights way

Public Rights of Way can be found in towns, villages and the countryside. These are definitive routes and are shown on the definitive map. Different modes of travel are allowed on the different classifications:

  • public footpaths – for walkers use only
  • bridleways – for use by walkers, horse riders and cyclists
  • restricted byways – for use by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and horse drawn vehicles
  • byways open to all traffic – for use by walkers, cyclists, horse riders, horse drawn vehicles and motor vehicles

Before you start

  • please note that you will be asked to give a brief description of the route and mark the proposed start and end points on an interactive map
  • if you would like to provide any additional information or supporting evidence such as photographs or maps there will be an opportunity to upload documents at the end of the online form
  • once you have submitted your request the Minor Infrastructure Projects Team will respond to you within 10 working days

Request for a new Rights of Way