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Cycle Security

Cycle security

Bicycles can be attractive to thieves, so make sure you follow our simple tips to keep your bike safe!

Get a decent lock

It is essential that you invest in a good bike lock. Once you've purchased the lock, make sure you use it!

Leaving your bike unattended for even a minute could mean it's been stolen by the time you return. Lock it to something solid, preferably specialist cycle parking stands if they are available, in a visible and busy area.

Quick release - quickly gone

It is extremely easy for thieves to steal your saddle or wheels if they have quick release mechanisms. Think about replacing the quick release mechanisms with ordinary bolts or nuts which fit a spanner or Allen key if you are going to leave your bike in public spaces. Alternatively, think about purchasing special locking nuts which can only be undone with a specially designed version of an Allen key which is sold with the bolt.

Get it tagged

It's a good idea to security tag your bike so there is a full record on file should it be stolen. Not only will this help you to prove that it belongs to you if it is found stolen, but it could also be a requirement of your policy from your insurance company.

The following schemes are available locally:

  • Selectamark
    This system enables individuals and companies to permanently and visibly mark their property by post coding or with a database phone number and unique reference number. West Mercia Constabulary hold various events throughout the year where Worcestershire residents can have their bicycle marked with Selectamark. Contact PC Ferreira on 08457 444 888 for more details.
  • SmartWater
    SmartWater is a colourless liquid solution that is simply dabbed onto the uneven surfaces of your valuables. It cannot be easily seen by the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove. It can be used to code all sorts of household items and each bottle of liquid is unique to the purchaser. The liquid glows under ultraviolet light making it easy for the Police to detect. Visit the SmartWater website (opens in a new window) for more details.
  • Visit your local policing team
    West Mercia constabulary will tag your bicycle using a tamper proof system for a small fee. Ask your local Community Support Officer or contact your local policing team for details: West Mercia Constabulary website (opens in a new window). In addition to security tagging, it is good idea to store information such as make, model and frame number as these details are vital in helping the police build up an accurate picture of your stolen bike.

Get it insured

If your bike is already covered by your household insurance, make sure you check the small print. You may wish to purchase a separate insurance policy to avoid the large excess and strict requirements that apply to your household insurance policy. To satisfy any claims make sure you keep the receipt for your bike, or get written evaluation from a bike shop.

Report it

If your bike is stolen, report the theft to the police, even if you don't think that you will get your bike back. It is useful if you can provide as much detail about the bike such as type of bike, frame number etc. Think about creating a Cycle Passport so you always have these details to hand. Visit the West Mercia Constabulary website (opens in a new window) for details on how to contact the police. Once reported, make sure you get a crime reference number.