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Adult's Services: Our Story

The Opportunities

Worcestershire is continually striving to transform our social work service to ensure we provide a timely, transparent, person-centred and efficient service for our adults and carers. We want to inspire excellence and believe the best way to do this is by firstly simplifying our paperwork, processes and devolving decision-making to give more autonomy to front-line social work staff.

We also strongly believe in working closely with our health colleagues to improve outcomes for people. We have changed the way we work so that we have social workers based in all hospitals and linked to GP surgeries across the county, ensuring co-ownership of issues and improved multi-disciplinary working.

Adult Social Care in Worcestershire - Key Figures

  • number of older people receiving social care services: 3,700
  • number of working age adults receiving social care services: 2,200
  • number of adults funded by the Council in residential care/nursing care: 2,100 
Snapshot of Adult's Services across Worcestershire