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Adult's Social Work Careers

What does a Worcestershire social worker look like?

We come in all shapes and sizes, with a range of experiences and abilities. We work in a wide variety of settings and with all types of people, from our youngest infants to older people at the end of life. We support vulnerable children and adults through difficulties, provide short term and lifelong aid, and help individuals discover and develop independence. We're based in small teams and bigger settings, work one-to-one and with large groups. But whatever we do, and wherever we are based, we have a few things in common:

  • strong shoulders to bear the weight of our clients' needs
  • several pairs of hands to support lots of people at the same time who need our help to become, or stay, independent
  • x-ray eyes and huge ears to see the hidden and hear the unspoken 
  • a nose to sniff out problems at an early stage
  • a funny bone to maintain a sense of humour
  • wisdom to draw on the right experience and knowledge at the right time

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