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Social Work Career Development

Tina Russell, Assistant Director, Assessment & Intervention:

"Social workers have a vital role to play in helping us realise our ambition of being an excellent provider of children's services. In our eight point improvement plan, our Priority 1 is all about the workforce. We have pledged to ensure we provide the right framework to ensure our social workers can thrive and achieve the highest quality practice.

"I am passionate about learning and personal development because people are what make an organisation successful.  
"The world of social work is both challenging and rewarding and we need to equip staff with the knowledge, skills and professional competences they need to be effective and resilient workers.

"I am committed to a "Leadership and Partnership" approach where we provide high quality support and challenge through supervision and management and where we respect and value the contributions of all those working with our children.

"Being part of our workforce will feel like being part of a team - the best team!"

For further information including frequently asked questions please see Become a social worker (BASW website, opens in a new window).

For enquiries on the learning and development opportunities we offer social work practitioners at Worcestershire County Council, please contact the Learning and Development Social Work Team


Tel: 01905 844544