Information for residents concerned about the situation in Ukraine

How You Can Help

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How You Can Help

The already well established Here2Help service run by the County Council is evolving to help organise and link up those wishing to offer help to those who may need help or advice.

Here2Help will also become the hub for information when families start to arrive and therefore details of how to access support will be included in welcome packs that are being produced.

The County Council and District Councils would therefore encourage anyone who feels they are able to support in any way to go through Here2Help and fill out the Offer of Help form.

There is specifically a request for organisations or services who are in a position to provide practical or emotional support and translation support and are not already registered on the Community Services directory, to register online as soon as possible.

When the guests start to arrive, council staff will be working closely with them and their sponsor families to understand what additional support they may need in terms of donations from residents and businesses.

Libraries in each district have also become hubs for residents to find trusted information about how they can help, access a wide variety of information and will also be locations where Ukrainian families can meet and use our services and we have increased our stock of books that will be useful for our Ukrainian guests.

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Support available to you

If you have friends and family in Ukraine and need information or support about what is happening, please contact the Ukrainian Embassy 

For information from central government, including travel advice, see the latest government information and advice on the situation in Ukraine

Talking with children about the situation in the Ukraine

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