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Low Carbon Opportunities Programme

How does it work?

Stage 1

First, the business must apply to receive an assist, specifying if you want help to identify renewable energy systems or if you want assistance with a low carbon technology you are developing. Once we have received your application form to receive an assist, we will ensure that your business is eligible for support through this programme. If you are eligible, then we will let you know and ask one of our specialist advisors to call you.

You will then receive a FREE assessment offering two days support where a specialist advisor will visit your business and provide you with expert advice and recommendations of next steps.

Stage 2

Following the Renewable Energy Generation or Low Carbon Innovation Assist, we will send you a report containing the recommended actions.

You can then apply for a grant. The grant intervention rate is 40% and your business contribution is 60% for the project. For example, if your project costs are £50,000, your contribution is £30,000 and we provide £20,000.  The maximum grant is £50,000 for renewable energy or £30,000* for innovation.

All grant applications are subject to evaluation against the programme criteria by a grant appraisal panel.

Stage 3

If your grant application is successful, we will require you to sign an agreement detailing the grant conditions. Once signed and returned, you can carry out the approved activities.

You can then apply to claim the agreed grant amount.

Stage 4

We will monitor your project to ensure that it is on track.

*Max £50,000 in Shropshire