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Changing your name after marriage or civil partnership

If you have married or entered into a civil partnership and decide to take the surname of your spouse, you do not have to complete an official change of name deed. However, you should contact the passport office, and all other institutions such as banks, building societies and the DVLA to inform them that you have changed your name. Your marriage or civil partnership certificate is your proof of name change.

If you intend to be married abroad, overseas authorities will need to see both your passport and your birth certificate. If your passport and birth certificate show different names, you will need to prove that you have changed your name and that both documents relate to the same person. In these circumstances a change of name deed may be required.

If you have divorced or are widowed and you no longer want to be known by your former spouse's name, you have the option to revert to your previous name. If you choose to change to a different name, or if an organisation requests it, you will need to complete an official change of name deed.